Monday, April 20, 2009

How can they???

How in the world can kids sleep like this?? It's beyond me, but they do. I'm not sure if they were sleeping because they were tired of if they passed out from heat exhaustion because I had them dressed so warm. LOL
It was freezing that day and we had to pick Bryan up from work... it was snowing and sleeting and a terrible day out, I had to dress them warm, they're my babies! :)

Lauren, Trevor & Brooke
Lauren & Trevor

Trevor & Brooke

Lauren, Trevor and part of Brooke


LceeL said...

Kids are SO funny when they run out of gas. They just DROP.

jenn said...

How cute!!!!!

I was always amazed at the positions my kids came up with to sleep in. Yours do look like they just pooped out.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Aww they are soo precious, those poor little bitty ones they are out! LOL! See thats a good example of what brothers and sisters are good for- pillows! ha!

Great pics!

aybi said...

super duper cute! they're probably tired of all day running and playing. Happens to my kids too, And you just can't wake them up that easily hahaha!