Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Favorites

These are just some pictures of the kids that I love!! Thought I'd share them.
I'm still trying to figure out my new camera...
it is really different than my old one... so there is a lot of learning to do.
I'm getting there though.
I guess I could speed things up by reading the book...
but then again, what fun is that??

My Babies!

Trevor is always so darn cute, sleeping or not, but I just love how innocent and peaceful children are when they are sleeping. He is still my baby at five years old, and I'm sure I'll always feel this way no matter what age he is. :)
And Lauren & Brooke took me right back to them sharing a crib when they were little enough to, wow... it melted my heart all over again to see them sleeping like this together. The bond and love they share is like no other. They are closer than just siblings, I guess that comes from sharing everything, starting with the womb.
It is amazing to watch them together.
Yesterday we all had a lazy afternoon, well till after nap time.
I got some blogging done and some pictures loaded onto the computer,
then straightened my hair, LOVE my new straightener!
Then we went off and got some food for the house and some for our
New Years Eve Bash!
Today the kids are pretty mellow.
They played play-doh for a while then they were in the girls' room
rough housing and jumping on the mattresses,
they got their energy burst out... and are now
watching some cartoons.
Since they have been good and it is pretty nice out,
I think I'll take them for a little walk, plus it will be good for me
to get some exercise. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paint Jobs

Trevor's bedroom
Lauren & Brooke's bedroom

Please excuse the messes... we have been pretty lazy about getting things totally cleaned up and organized. Mostly we are trying to get things unpacked still and get things finished around the house... we will get to the organizing and stuff.

Christmas Time 2008

most of the presents
the kids stockings

Trevor :)

Lauren :)

Brooke :)




our tree lit up

our tree

Friday, December 19, 2008

~ December 2008 ~

Lauren & Brooke just hanging out at G&G's house!

Lauren "smiling" for me.
doesn't it look almost painful? :P

Brooke "smiling" too.
I tell you it looks like it hurts. lol ;)

Trevor hanging out with Zoe, who has her new coat on.
It says Doggone Gorgeous!

Brookie and Lauren snuggling together on the couch