Monday, April 20, 2009

How can they???

How in the world can kids sleep like this?? It's beyond me, but they do. I'm not sure if they were sleeping because they were tired of if they passed out from heat exhaustion because I had them dressed so warm. LOL
It was freezing that day and we had to pick Bryan up from work... it was snowing and sleeting and a terrible day out, I had to dress them warm, they're my babies! :)

Lauren, Trevor & Brooke
Lauren & Trevor

Trevor & Brooke

Lauren, Trevor and part of Brooke


These are pics of Brooke when she was sick with pneumonia... it was horrible... you can tell by the way her eyes are sunk in and have dark circles around them, she wasn't doing too good. :( thankfully as soon as we started the meds she quickly got better! This was in the end of January.

-My Beautiful Girls...

Brooke Madison
Brooke again

Lauren Ashley

Lauren again

Lauren & Brooke
sisterly love


Some of My Favorite Pics

Walter, Brooke & Lauren
@ my parent's house looking out the window from Grandma's bench

Lauren & Brooke
being silly girls! :)

Brooke, Walter & Lauren
cousins & best friends!

Brooke, Walter & Lauren

Brooke, Walter & Lauren
wonder what they are thinking. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have pics!

I have pics to post... but I don't have my card for my camera, so I won't be posting them too soon... but as soon as I have my card, I'll be blowin' up this blog with TONS of pics!! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Total Cuteness!

Brooke & Lauren
Hammin' it up for the camera!

Trevor Griffin

My Lil' Prince Charming... sound asleep in his bed all comfy!