Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have pics!

I have pics to post... but I don't have my card for my camera, so I won't be posting them too soon... but as soon as I have my card, I'll be blowin' up this blog with TONS of pics!! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Total Cuteness!

Brooke & Lauren
Hammin' it up for the camera!

Trevor Griffin

My Lil' Prince Charming... sound asleep in his bed all comfy!


Lauren Ashley

Sleepy head ~ she was knocked out, sound asleep... sweet baby girl! :)

Brookie Madison

AWWWW... isn't this so sweet. She sure does love her babies! :)

Brookie Madison

AWWWW... isn't this so sweet. She sure does love her babies! :)

dun dun dadun, dun dun dadun...

Our FIRST official
~ starring HEATER ~
~ The BRIDE ~
from left to right:
Elizabeth, Adelle, HEATHER, Melissa & Jenn
*missing from photo is Desiree :(


... because I'm just cool like that!
(*too bad the tag is in my face... otherwise this could have been a flawless picture and I'm sure they would have wanted it for an ad! lol*)

My Brookie Girl ~ so sweet! <3
My Libby Lou Lou ~ smiling so beautifully! <3

Silly Girlies! :)

Sisterly LOVE! <3
I hope they are always BEST FRIENDS like they are now!

Cowgirl Lauren & Firefighter Walter
too cute!
*check out Walter's striped pink slippers ~ hehe

I'm not sure what draws me so much to the pictures that are black and white with a splash of color in them but for some reason I really LOVE the way they come out...
I love pictures in general... taking them, looking at them, sharing them, so this is just another part of it that I love... the different kinds of finishes you can have. :)

Cutie Cousins

I love these pictures! I think they all came out really good! In all the pictures it is Brooke, then Walter (my nephew) then Lauren... except the first one... it's Walter, Brooke & Lauren. :) Aren't they so darn cute??
I wish I also had some pictures of Trevor with the girls like these... I might have to try that one day... they just don't seem to always want to sit and cooperate when I want them too... these pictures were pure luck... oh and okay...
I did bribe them with icepops if they let me take just a few more. lol

Sleigh Riding

These are pictures from one day when we went sliegh riding behind the house. The kids had a blast, and I really enjoyed watching them, but it was FREEZING out that day. :P I'm liking today's weather much better... it's in the mid 50's ~ sad that we think this is WARM, but hey gotta take what you can get.



These pictures are from right around the beginning of the year.

I'm not sure if I posted them already or not, but here they are again.